Monday, October 27, 2014

My (Hopefully) Dream Kitchen

So, I showed you the current progress on our kitchen.  I'm now going to show you some elements that I really hope will be in here after we're done with it.  I have expensive taste on a tight budget, so I'm not expecting every picture I show you to be in here.  But, I'm going to try my best to get everything I want, no matter how long it takes.  (Hopefully not very long, because I'm wildly impatient.)

I was watching an episode of I Hate My Kitchen and they showed this amazing beautiful turquoise sink.  Let me show you.
Can we all just collectively sigh over this?  The actual color is Palermo Blue and it's by Kohler.  On the episode, the sink was......$1,800!  For the sink!!!  I searched online and it's currently not available, but the price on it was $1,300.  I'll just have to dream about this sink.

After my friend, Rachel, moved into her new house, I helped her turn her dining room chandelier into a mason jar chandelier.  We replaced the globes on the chandelier with turquoise mason jars and it was awesome.  I searched Pinterest for DIY mason jar chandeliers and I found this guy.  With STEPS!  I've already looked into making it.  There's some funky things going on with our current ceiling that are driving me crazy and this would help a lot.  I found comparable ones on Etsy for at least $250 and with the project list and costs on the link, it would cost around $100 to DIY.

I love color, and with all the wood, I think I need a good counterbalance.  I found this picture on Pinterest and with my mom's help, we're going to do separate colors on our uppers and lowers, like this.


Adrian {Happy girl} said...

I love love love the two toned cabinets! I think that's such a great look, and you know I'm a sucker for turquoise. That being said, I'd caution you about a colored sink. That sucker is going to be around a long time, and while you can repaint cabinets, there's no changing a sink's color. A white farmhouse sink would break up the lower cabinet color and give you a fun look that's more timeless. Just my two cents, but do whatever you love!

Chandra McWilliams said...

Girl you should come take a look at my kitchen in progress! My cabinets are a similar color!

Just Jinny said...

That bottom pin? I have it pinned like a hundred times!! Eventually, when we get to the kitchen, I'm doing different colors on the upper and lower as well. Can't wait to see your progress.

Arthur Bryant said...

Making that chandelier from mason jars is one smart way to brighten up a kitchen, Casey. Anyway, your dream kitchen looks stunning. I would also love to have mint green cabinets, but I think I'll be adding more pastel colors if I were given a chance to perform a kitchen makeover. Thanks for sharing that! All the best to you! :)

Arthur Bryant @ Contractor Express

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