Monday, October 6, 2014

Vacation All I Ever Wanted

Is that song stuck in your head now?  I hope it is.  Because it's stuck in mine.  Today's prompt is: Best/Worst Vacation.

Helene in Between Blogtober
I don't really have a worst vacation so my best would be the time Jamie and I went to Vegas.  It was my anniversary trip to go see Garth Brooks' show at the Wynn right before his run ended.  It was our first time on a plane, our first everything really.  We walked for miles in Vegas up and down the strip.  We saw Spider-Man, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Elvis and Edward Scissorhands.  We were actually more a spectacle than all the other weird stuff in there. Drunk people on Fremont Street kept asking if we were twins.

We spontaneously decided to zipline across Fremont Street.  Jamie talked me into riding one of the Stratosphere rides.  We found a murder mystery dinner that Jamie got pulled into and I totally suspected she was in on the whole thing, and she slapped me real hard.  In public.  We had a fancy dinner at the top of a hotel at a restaurant called Alize, where Jamie experienced duck for the first time, and I, lamb.  Such an amazing meal.  Then we hoofed it back to the Wynn to see Garth.  We even had a taxi driver that looked like Stephen King.  You know, we never gambled once.  We splurged on getting our hair done and ordering room service once we got back from crying our faces off over Garth.

Garth Brooks was an experience I'll never ever forget and I'm so thankful Clint gave me that gift.  Jamie and I initially had seats away from each other but the woman sitting next to her had a panic attack and I was able to steal her seat and move back so we could soak the whole thing in together.

We're the kind of people when we've had our fill, we're ready to go home and this was my first time to be away from Wilder.  We had the best time, not a bad word about it.  Except, Jamie got allergies badly as soon as we landed in Nevada and she snored the whole freaking time and I almost slept in the bath tub.  But it was worth it. 


Adrian {Happy girl} said...

I just love your narrative here! You definitely need to write that book so I can experience this flow for an entire novel. And what a great vacation!

Liz @ Fitness Blondie said...

That sounds like such an awesome vacation.

Just Jinny said...

Whoa! That sounds like a blast!!! I've never been to Vegas.

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