Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Thing About Advice...

Ok, so for Day 12, I'm supposed to tell you The Best Advice I've Been Given.

Helene in Between Blogtober
As dorky as this sounds, one of the best pieces of advice was given to me by my twin sister, Jamie.   She moved an hour away from me when we first graduated and I had never driven to where she lived and I was always scared I would take the wrong road or end up on the freeway.  She told me, "Casey, don't freak out if you take the wrong exit.  For every exit onto the highway, there is an exit off."  Now, after that, I used to work in Irving by the airport in the heart of traffic jam city + ongoing construction.  I lived and drove all around Austin.  But every time I take the wrong exit, I hear Jamie telling me that.

But in all reality, the two best pieces of advice came from my mumsy.  Duh.

Always be observant of your surroundings!  Any time we were going to do something remotely new, she would tell us this.  When we decided to go to Vegas, she preached it.  It was her mantra.  That along with, "Casey! Did you ever watch CSI?!  It's in Las Vegas!"  I think it's why I remember my way to places so well, because I'm always watching what's around me so I know if anything looks familiar.

After I had Wilder, I was for sure I wouldn't need help.  And she told me, "There's going to be a point where you are at your wits' end and you're going to need help.  Ask for help.  I'm only a phone call away."  In my head, I was all, "Psh, whatever Darla, I got this down."  And then, when Wilder was three weeks old, I had sauerkraut at lunch.  Wilder subsequently had the worst case of colic I had witnessed in my three weeks of motherhood.  By the time 5 AM rolled around, I had called my mom and was begging for help.  She was awake and came right over. 

What's the best advice you've received?


Just Jinny said...

I use to have a terrible fear of not knowing where I was going, when we traveled. I'd have panic attacks about it, print out a gazillion directions (pre-smart phones), check the weather over and over. It was...exhausting. And then one day...I just stopped worrying. I kept telling myself as long as I'm going in the general direction of my destination I will be ok.

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