Wednesday, October 1, 2014

My Dream Job, Eh?

I'm currently working on a butter yellow infinity scarf and rewatching the first season of The Blacklist.  I'll admit, I did watch the first couple of episodes of Gilmore Girls while drinking coffee with pumpkin cream (because I'm so basic) and then Tj said he was watching it and I thought I would refamiliarize myself with it.

Helene in Between Blogtober

Today's topic is: Your Dream Job When You Were Little/What is it Now?
My dream job has been and always will be a writer.  My mother told me I wrote my first story when I was like 3 or 4 about how I wanted a hippo and I would name him hungry.  Can you guess what game was big around that time?

I remember when I was in 6th grade, my English teacher Mrs. Martz asked my opinion on our next writing assignment.  I was super flattered and I surprisingly, picked nonfiction.  I wrote about my uncle's death.  My mom kept all of my work (until our house burned down) and one year, when I asked for a typewriter, she actually got me one.  I've started countless stories (with the hopes of turning them into books) but I always lose faith in myself and quietly put it away.  I have a current beginnings of something grand, in my eyes, but I've just been staring at it for a while, even with Jamie and Tj encouraging me to keep at it.  Really, just being my own quirky, spunky version of The Pioneer Woman would be my dream.

Yesterday, when I attended boot camp at the local gym, Kim, a woman dear to my heart told me that she had read my blog.  That ALWAYS surprises me.  I feel I always have something to say but no one besides my family would read it.  I feel a bit like Augustus Waters, that my love of writing is just a shout into the void, and when anyone reads it, especially Monday's about my divorce, and people message me and tell me they love what I've written, or they're thinking of me, then I know this blogging thing is a fit for me.  I'll always be a lover of books and writing.  It's something that thrums through my veins.  And I appreciate you.


P!nky said...

Good luck achieving your dream job of writing. I love to write my blog, but I don't have the WRITING bug per say. New follower!

Adrian {Happy girl} said...

You definitely need to keep at your writing goals! Finish something. It doesn't matter if you think it's worth it, or riddled with mistakes as a first draft, because finishing a story is an amazing accomplishment and you can do it. The editing process is a whole other ball game,, but you'll get there. Have faith in yourself, and know that everyone is rooting for you!

Luchessa Grossmann said...

Wanting to be a writer is a great goal & if your loved ones believe in your skills, you better start believing yourself. Just set your goal & go for it, no matter what!
And about you feeling down at the moment...i can tell you that i've started blogging two years ago when i was feeling sad & down and it really helped me to be connected with like minded bloggers & really nice people, as well as getting my word out. It helps a lot!!

Stay positive! Never give up. xo
Luchessa @

Anonymous said...

Believe in yourself!! Much easier said than done, but it will definitely be worth it! Not many people have the same dream job as their childhood one! I must say that your dog is absolutely adorable, and such a cute story to go along with him!!

- Jenna

Liz @ Fitness Blondie said...

I am with you. My dream has always been to be a writer too and it is the best feeling when someone comes up and randomly says they read your blog. Keep at it, do not give up, and always be true to yourself and good things will absolutely come.

Celine Goodson said...

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