Friday, October 10, 2014

Gingers For President

This prompt makes me a little queasy.

Helene in Between Blogtober

If I Were President...
Look.  Let's face it.  I'm just not equipped to be president.  The thought of some really outlandish scenario that would in turn lead me to be president makes me sweat profusely.  I'm a Gemini.  I'm too wishy washy to be president.  Any immediate idea I would have to rectify any current problem would probably set off a chain of events might really screw things up.

I don't discuss politics.  I just don't.  I did vote in the last election.  I didn't brag about it.  I won't discuss it with anyone.  If people bitch and complain about anything politcal, I just stay polite and don't mention anything.  My thought is, once people get riled up over a hot topic, someone is bound and determined to say something disrespectful to someone in the room, or just say something stupid or ignorant in general.  And I try to avoid doing both of those things.

Can you imagine how stressful being president is?  I wouldn't assume to judge anyone in that position.  I wouldn't assume I could do a better job than the current president, regardless of what "information" you want to throw at me.  I think if the people who bitched about politics put as much energy into doing good deeds or supporting a good cause, the whole country and world would be a better place.  Instead, we want to point fingers and look at every bad thing that's happened and not give ANY credit to anything good that has come out of ANY president, Republican or Democrat.  Instead, we want to sit on our asses and talk about all the "bad laws" being passed, but never get up off our asses to vote and make our voices heard.  You can't hold everyone else accountable and not hold yourself accountable.  OF COURSE, you could always have better or worse presidents.  We could have a dramatic shift and fall under a dictatorship.  It's this strange case of people always thinking things can get so much worse, instead of thinking how things could get so much better.

I write all this, not expecting to have meant to say so much.  And what it boils down to, is:

If by chance, I happened to be the President, I would immediately resign and hand the job off to someone more suitable than a Ginger in the middle of nowhere Texas who has a dog named Merle she sometimes calls Meryl.  With the exception that NATURAL Gingers receive free sunblock and skin cancer screenings.  Well, how about free cancer screenings for everyone really...


Jetsettin Daisy said...

lol My thoughts exactly. I wouldn't even run, I think I'd get shot before I even got to the actual elections. lol

Jamie L said...

Love this! And what a great fun fact about gingers. Nice job with your #blogtober14 responses. Cheers! Jamie from Happy by Design (

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