Monday, November 3, 2014

Bob Ross Called...

Do you know who Bob Ross is?  Just type in Bob Ross on Pinterest and you'll have your answer.  Bob Ross really has no place in this post except that it's about paint.  But as a bonus fun fact, my mom also loved Donna Dewberry.  She does cool things with acrylic paints.

Saturday was Tj's birthday and after dinner and a movie, we did what any kid-free couple does on a Saturday night at 8:00, we went to Lowes.  We went to look at ceiling tiles and price drywall for the kitchen, but with my parents being house painters, I'm always drawn to the wall of paint chips.  I love paint colors so much, I have a board on Pinterest dedicated to it.  I was looking for paint for the lower kitchen cabinets and here's what I found.

I realize they're all in the same color family, but I have a hard time settling on just one.  I've even considered chalk paint, but I am a little intimidated by the whole process.

In the next few days, I'm going to start taking down cabinet doors for cleaning and sanding.  Hopefully, I'll have one part of the kitchen completely done.  Everyone keeps saying we're going to have a rough winter and I'm counting on some snow days to get things really done.

I bought this sign at Hobby Lobby months ago and it's just been perched on top of our hutch in the dining room.  This sign is my kitchen inspiration.  Any thoughts on my colors?  Or chalk paint?


Adrian {Happy girl} said...

I like the lightest shade on the bottom set of three. It goes well with your awesome sign, and would look nice with white upper cabinets.

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