Tuesday, November 4, 2014


If you know me at all, you know I live for the holidays Thanksgiving and Christmas.  As soon as November hits, I get all...antsy.  The cooler weather, soups and stews, blankets and holiday movies.  I thrive on it.  Things just seem to get better this time of year, although our house did burn down in mid-November when I was 13, but that doesn't really mar my opinion. 

I am so THANKFUL (ha, get it?) that I actually get Wilder for Thanksgiving.  It's the first holiday this year that I get him and I'm excited.  My routine for Thanksgiving has always been the same.  Usually, because we were driving far, I would show up in my pajamas, discuss the parade with my family while drinking coffee and eating my mom's sausage balls.  That was an awkward sentence... Anywho.  Then, I would start helping my mom by chopping any veggies I can get my hands on since I love to chop for some reason.  I would rush back and forth between the kitchen and the dog show on TV because we always root for our breeds we have in the show.  Plus, my mom thinks John Hurley is so funny as the host.  I always get to taste test the gravy which is my most favorite part of dinner.  Then I have to argue about wanting to watch the football game and I get outvoted and usually just have to flip back to it on commercials. 

I also have the privilege of getting to attend an amazing dinner in less than two weeks! in Dallas.  I consider myself a foodie and I can't wait to be a part of it.  Although, driving in Dallas makes me a bit anxious.  I think I found the perfect dress with Jamie's help, too, but you'll have to wait to see it.  I'm really hoping since November kicked off so well, that it stays on an upswing.  We're figuring out our lives again, our routine is thriving and we're getting happier every day. 

Also, I'll be taking over The Blog Baton tomorrow thanks to Mason from Mason Like The Jar!  You can follow along on Instagram @theblogbaton to get a glimpse into my life.  Eek!!


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